Staff Scientist for VIB-VUB facility for Bio Electron Cryogenic Microscopy (BECM)


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About the Center
The VIB Center for Structural Biology houses research groups with strong expertise in protein biochemistry, X-ray crystallography, NMR, biophysics, nanobody technology, and electron microscopy. Our department tightly collaborates with other VIB departments ( on cutting edge biological research problems ranging from human diseases to plant biotechnology.Job description
The VIB Center for Structural Biology (CSB) in Brussels seeks to recruit a Cryo-electron Microscopy (cryo-EM) scientist to support and develop single-particle and tomography projects.
The research scientist will be appointed to the VIB-VUB facility for Bio Electron Cryogenic Microscopy (BECM,, which serves as a technology platform for CSB.
BECM has a state-of-the-art facility for cryo-electron microscopy and houses a JEOL cryoARM300 equipped with an in-column energy filter, phase plate, and K3 detector and is complemented by two screening JEOL JEM-1400 120 kV microscopes. The facility was established in 2018 and serves a large community of users including users from VIB, Belgium, and Europe from academia and industry.
Key responsibilities
Support a range of cryo-EM projects through interaction with CSB and external scientists

Contribute to the maintenance of the microscopes

Contribute to the development of single-particle cryo-EM and/or implementation and development for state-of-the-art tomography

Provide user training in experimental and computational aspects of cryo-EM
Key Experience and competences
Master degree in Natural Sciences or higher

At least two years of work experience in electron microscopy

Basic knowledge of Linux and programming skills

Good communication skills in English

Experience in structural biology

Experience in single-particle or cryo-tomography data collection and analysis

Flexible working practice

Ability to troubleshoot

Experience with multi-user facilities
How to apply?
Motivated candidates are asked to apply online.
Deadline until a suitable candidate is found.
For further inquiries please contact Marcus Fislage ( [] )